Waterproofing & Seal Inspection

Keeping the Water Outside, Where It Belongs

Sooner or later, all RVs leak...sadly, it is unavoidable. And, what's worse, these leaks eventually cause damage that will require additional repairs. The only way to avoid water leaking into your family's leisure travel is to have your seals and caulking inspected at least once a year. However, 1st Choice recommends inspecting them twice each year, every spring and fall season.

1st Choice RV takes Waterproofing so seriously that we will often provide a Lifetime Warranty on RVs we've refurbished if the rig's owner has them inspected by us twice each year. To be your 1st Choice for Waterproofing we strive to do it right the first time, every time...because "Excellent Service is What Sells."

To make sure a minor leak doesn't lead to major damage, schedule a Seal Inspection today. Click Here to fill out our simple, no obligation quote form.

Contact us if you need repair help, or you're looking for a hard to find part.

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